Close on Your Schedule

We work with your schedule. We can allow you to stay in your home for a few days after closing if needed.


Real, Experienced People

Real people with real experience dealing with difficult situations like excessive repairs, tax liens, and probate.


24-Hour Turnaround

You can schedule a home walk-through with us in the next 24 hours or less!


Offer Guaranteed

What we offer you won't change after our walk-through, no closing costs, no commission, and no deductions.


We'll Help Pay for Your Move

Receive a $100 U-Haul gift card after a home walk-through, must be scheduled with Simple Sale within 48 hours of contacting us.


Quick Closings

We are able to close on your home in 30-days or less.


Contract Security

We won't back out of the contract last minute.

How It Works

From quote to closing in 30 days or less.

Call, text, or fill out the convenient contact form.

We’ll set up a walk-through of the property.

Receive an offer for your home.

Get paid in full, no hidden fees.

If you are looking for someone with compassion to understand your situation and offer options to resolve your home sale problems, don't hesitate to give them a call!

- Lori R.

Evan was great to work with. I recommend this company for fast, and simple sale of your home. After being contacted by others looking to purchase my home, I called Evan and he was caring, and considerate to my foreclosure situation. We Immediately signed a contract and two weeks later we closed. I may have had 30 mins in the process. Thank you Evan.

- Michael W.

Evan is a great individual and well trusted! When it comes down to difficult situations he has the best solutions to assist. Thanks again Evan, keep up the hard work!

- Yogawar C

Everything went smooth and thanx for keeping your word.

- Craig

We were stuck in a situation and couldn’t close on our house. There was a lien and we couldn’t clear the title. Thanks to Evan with Simple Sale... we were able to clear the title and close on the house! Thanks Evan! You are a blessing!

- Sequoia F

Everything was handled first class.

- Oscar and Berylene W.

I got cash for my home in 10 days. Was super relieved with how quick the whole thing went.

- Saul Simon

Evan was so fantastic to work with! He took care of everything and answered all of our questions throughout the process. We defineitly recommend him to all of our friends and family.

- Rachel & Logan Doyle

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