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How Do We Buy Distressed Homes in Apopka So Fast?

Simple Sale is owned and operated by Central Florida residents. We know the Apopka housing market better than anyone else in our industry. Because we’re local, we can meet with you to discuss your situation. If we’re a good fit for one another, we’ll work with you to buy your home on your schedule - often in 30 days or less.

At Simple Sale, we want you to walk away happy. Our goal is to help you out of your difficult housing situation so you can get back to what matters to you most. We’ve helped several distressed homeowners in Apopka, and we can help you, too.

Simple Sale Works Hard To Get The Money You Deserve

When Andrea reached out to us about her home, she had all but given up on it. The first thing Andrea said was “I am just going to let it go to foreclosure, it is not worth what I owe.” She had been told that her property was not worth more than she owed on her mortgage and code violations. It also had significant water damage from a roof leak.

Simple Sale reviewed the issues and realized we could renegotiate the code violations, reducing them by $6,500. We got the payoff from the lender to ensure that costs did not continue to accumulate. The property was larger than shown on the property appraiser website, which most homebuyers would not notice without going to the property and doing a walkthrough, which we do at Simple Sale.

We helped Andrea, and we’ll help you too! Dealing with legal complications on your home is one of the most difficult financial roadblocks you can possibly face. Simple Sale is here to help. We’re Florida’s Trusted Distressed Home Buyer, and we work hard to do right by you.

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When you request your offer, we will get in touch with you soon to explain how our process works and ask you a few questions about your home. We can then determine if we’re a good fit for you and will give you an estimate.

Schedule a Walk-Through

After you accept our estimate, we’ll schedule a walk-through of your home to better appraise its value. After the walk-through is completed, you can expect to get an official offer from us that same day.

Receive a Fair Offer

Once you accept the offer, we initiate the selling process. We'll work with our partners to clear up any issues that may delay the home sale. We’ll coordinate with you to make sure everything is happening according to your schedule and at your pace.

Get Paid

After you sell your home to our team at Simple Sale, you don’t have to worry about anything else in the home-selling process! With no fees, you’ll receive every penny of our offer, and you’re free to focus on the important things in life.

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