Distressed Homeowners: You Are Not Alone

It can be stressful when you discover that you have a distressed property.  Uncontrollable external factors can result in outstanding mortgage payments or tax bills. Before you know it, if things don’t change, you’re facing the reality of possible foreclosure or selling your house as a distressed property.

Or, maybe your circumstances are different, there aren’t issues with your mortgage or late payments, maybe things have simply changed. Life happens, and it can happen quickly. Whether it’s a divorce, relocation, or family death, you may need to sell your house quickly and don’t have the time to go through the usual selling procedure and sell it on the open market.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and alone at such a time; you may not know how to sell a distressed property. Yet, you don’t have to be alone. You’re not alone. With our help, you can make the process of moving on as painless and productive as possible.

Looking at the Numbers

Let’s start with the stats. In 2016, 7.3 percent of all U.S. home sales were distressed sales. However, this was the lowest it had been since September 2007. It peaked in January 2009, making up a total of 32.4 percent of all home sales, with 27.9 percent of that share coming from REO (real estate owned) sales. This timing reflected the economic crisis at that time. Before this crisis, sales from distressed homes typically held 2 percent of that share.

These figures show you are not alone. So if you find yourself needing to sell your house quickly, there have been others—many others—who have been in your position.

Dealing with the Stress

Because we work with people in your situation, we’re very familiar with how you must be feeling. Whatever the reason for needing to move from your distressed home, there’s no doubt there’s stress involved.

Selling your house and moving is well-known as a significant stressor; add-in the factors that require a fast sell—the sort of factors you’re facing—and the stress levels are exacerbated.

Selling Your Distressed Home to Simple Sale Central Florida

We’ve made our process as straightforward as possible. There are four steps:

  1. Contact a member of our team. You’ll find our contact information on our website. After you have initiated contact, we’ll get in touch to schedule a walkthrough. You can also contact us if you have questions or concerns that need answering. Don’t hesitate to reach out.
  2. Schedule a walk-through. A walk-through is an integral part of the selling process; this is where you can increase your chances of a good offer. Ensure your house is in order, clean, bright, and attractive. If needed, you can schedule a walk-through in 24 hours or less! In fact, you’ll receive a $100 U-Haul gift card if you schedule a walk-through within 48 hours.
  3. Get an offer. After the walk-through, you’ll get a fair offer from Simple Sale, one based on your home condition. Our team also helps you manage any unsettled legal issues.
  4. Receive payment. We guarantee that within 30 days, you will close on your home. At this point, if you need to stay in your home a few days after closing, this is possible. We understand there can be loose ends to tie up before moving on.

We’ve made this process as simple and streamlined as possible. We want you to know Simple Sale Central Florida is here to provide the support you need. When you get an offer from us, that is the price you’ll get; no hidden fees, no backing out of our contract, no last-minute negotiations, and no going back on our word.

You can be secure in knowing that we’ll hold up our end and do what we can to help you through the process. And, maybe most importantly, if time is of the essence for you, Simple Sale can help you close on your distressed home in 30 days or less.

Addressing Any Doubts

You may be reading this and thinking it sounds perfect, but wondering if your home meets the criteria. Will Simple Sale be able to sell your home the way they’ve sold other distressed homes? The short answer is yes, but let’s go through some of the main concerns you may have.

Simple Sale Central Florida buys all kinds of homes: mobile homes, single-family homes, multi-family homes, and condominiums.

We accept homes in any condition. If your home isn’t pristine and in poor condition, this doesn’t matter. We love buying homes which the run-of-the-mill home buyer would reject; we buy your home as-is. This is our job, it’s what we do, and we don’t run from a property that needs some TLC or even major renovations.

Whatever your situation, Simple Sale can buy your home, regardless of the difficult situation you may be in—unable to pay the mortgage, divorce, looming foreclosure, extensive repairs, code violations, or unable to sell with a real estate agent. Whatever the circumstance, we can step in and get to the business of selling distressed property quickly.

You’ll receive a fair, competitive offer for your property—with no fees; you’ll get every cent of the price we state. Then, when you agree to the offer, we’ll use our associates to resolve all liens, judgments, and title issues you may have. This process is simple and removes you from the overwhelming responsibility which accompanies these legal matters.

Why Us?

Why is Simple Sale Central Florida the perfect fit for your distressed property? We care, and we have the experience and the means to quickly move you out of your current situation. We know the unexpected can happen and will meet you where you are, literally, figuratively, and financially.

Contact Simple Sale Today

You don’t have to be alone in this process. Sell your home as-is, quickly and easily by reaching out to us. Simple Sale can be your cash home buyers in Melbourne, Tampa, Orlando, and central Florida’s surrounding regions.

Contact Simple Sale Central Florida today by calling (407) 338-4183 to schedule your walk-through. We are here to answer your questions and give you the support you need.

This article is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as financial, tax, legal, real estate, insurance, or investment advice. Simple Sale encourages you to reach out to an advisor regarding your own situation. Please consult with your advisor when making legal or financial decisions.

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