Simple Sale Founder Evan Shelley stands in front of a property he recently purchased in Central Florida.

The 2019 Orlando House Flipping Situation

What you need to know about Orlando investment properties:

The house flipping industry in Orlando, FL is currently booming, but becoming increasingly competitive according to the Orlando Sentinel. The Orlando Sentinel published an article on November 8th, 2019, compiling multiple interviews from house flippers, several real estate experts, and senior economists on the latest house flipping situation in Central Florida.

 Orlando ranks as one of the top markets to flip houses in the United States, and investor participation in this industry has blown up since the economy has recovered from the 2008 recession. The steady rise in the number of Orlando investment properties has been attributed to the strength of Orlando’s economy; an incredibly low unemployment rate, the increase in construction, the high number of people moving to the area, and home value continuously going up.

The great rise in investment properties has posed a problem to investors. More people have gotten into the home flipping business, which has decreased inventory and the profitability of fix and flips. Although the increase in competition has made this a difficult venture, there is still money to be made in the house flipping industry. Several homes are facing distressed situations that include issues with titles, code violations, unpaid homeowner association fees, and various other problems. Many times, a homeowner wants to get out of their distressed home, but these issues stand in the way from investors purchasing their property. 

The distressed property situation has been looming over homeowner and investor heads, but Evan Shelley at Simple Sale Central Florida has targeted this niche market and found resolve to this difficult situation. Evan purchases these distressed homes and then finds investors to flip these properties. It’s a win-win-win for homeowner, Simple Sale, and investors.

Although this is a lucrative business, it is warned that newbies to the house flipping industry ease their way in by holding on to properties and renting them out. This will allow beginners to appreciate the real estate business and gain experience to eventually become an expert real estate investor.

The Simple Sale Experience

Simple Sale Central Florida is a small business located in Orlando, Florida that was created by Evan Shelley. It’s Simple Sale’s pleasure to serve Florida homeowners struggling to sell their homes for one reason or another. We found a need in the community and created our business to help Floridians who simply weren’t able to deal with the difficulties that come with selling homes that are distressed or tangled in legal issues.

We work closely with our partner attorneys, realtors, and investors to purchase homes from our neighbors in these situations. We strive to help them find the best solution, even if it isn’t with us. We truly want to help people who are struggling – whose homes are going to auction, or whose titles are trapped by probate, code violation liens, and more. We believe that you deserve to live without the stress these issues can cause. That’s the Simple Sale way.

If you find yourself in a difficult-to-sell home situation and interested in getting rid of your property in a quick and fair manner, then contact us!

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